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 By now, we all know that "Bad Air Can Kill!"


NASA developed ActivePure during the 60s. The technology was later acquired by a private company, significantly enhanced, rebranded as ActivePure Technology, and in 2017 ActivePure was inducted into the NASA International Space Technology Hall of Fame.  ActivePure is one of ONLY 75 Technologies on the planet that has received this Award!

In 2020, after the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (the Virus that caused COVID - 19) appeared on the scene, ActivePure was tested in an FDA-Compliant Military Test Lab and proven to reduce the COVID-19 Virus by 99.9% within three minutes (now within one minute).   

Within the past couple of years, most of my clients have been looking for some protection from COVID - 19. They were all happy to learn of the many other essential benefits of ActivePure as it relates to protection from all known viruses to date.  

Following are several short and concise videos that will help you better understand the power of ActivePure Technology and its benefits to you and your family and humanity:


See The Data 


The Vollara Air & Surface Pro! 


How Active Works (Demo)


Take A Look At  What The World Is Saying

About ActivePure!      


Why not ask google the following question:


What are the 7 Space Technologies that changed the world?  


Lets Talk Water!

"But Not Just Any Water, We're Talking Water 

Treated With ActivePure Technology!" 


About The Water You Drink!


About Doing Yor Laundry!


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Please contact us @


"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)

Vollara Business Center Owner # 85541

Ph/Text: 714-273-5223 /   


SPECIAL NOTE: Because of the rapidly growing demand for ActivePure Technology products and my 20-plus years as a Vollara Business Center Owner (85541), the Company the founder has asked us to license as many eligible new Vollara Business Center Owners as I can within the foreseeable future. Please call me to see if the Vollara Business Center Owner could be a good add-on fit to your present business!  


Please join us and learn more about our Plan A Business Opportunity as follows (Both of these briefings will be presented by our business founder and his son-in-law): 



Introduction To ActivePure Technology 

Time:  2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern Std 

Zoom ID: 214 490 4904 

No Pass Word 



Introduction To The Money Side

Time:  3:30 PM Pacific / 6:30 PM Eastern Std 

Zoom ID: 214 490 4904 

No Pass Word 


Once you have attended both of these briefings, call or email me and I will answer any questions you "will" have. From there you decide if you want to proceed or you want to learn more. If you decide that you want to proceed we will began the process of teaching you how to be successful in your home based-business.  


You may also consider attending our


 Weekly Monday Zoom Meeting

(Conducted By Dr. Troy)


Time:  5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastren STD

Zoom ID:  889 9068 6494 / PW: Vollara 


You may be wondering how much time it will require from you. This is an answer you will have to decide on.  We have part-time business owners as well as full-time business owners.  The most important question is this:  How much is your time worth!  Over the years my time has been woth from a few hundred dollars per hour to a few thousands.  It's all on you!


We would like to congratulate you in advance as you will have embarked on the adventure of your life.  Becoming Financially Free is most definitely an adventure but the journey and the people you will meet along the way will also be of great value to you. Welcome Aboard!  

Following are a few more short videos that I want you to watch (some may require that you copy and paste into your browser, a few may be repeated).  Please let me know your throughts: